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A special kind of experience!

In cooperation with our longtime friend and fish specialist Walter Grüll, we have developed STÖRFILET with MANGO-LIMETTE based on a recipe by Harald Huber.

This unique flavor combination of wonderful sturgeon fillet, the taste of mango and refreshing lime is available from us at "Huber's im Fischerwirt" and the caviar producer Grüll.

Let yourself be inspired by a taste experience of a very special kind!

When you drink BWT mineralized water, you have made a decision.

You have chosen local water that has been enriched with valuable magnesium, zinc or silica using the best technology from BWT. You have decided against conventional bottled water, which has to be transported unnecessarily many kilometers and thus pollutes the environment.

With every order, money goes to Africa to give local people access to clean drinking water.

You have chosen a better world. sip by sip. Thanks for that. CHANGE THE WORLD, SIP BY SIP.